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How to Prepare for Your NFIP Flood Premium Shock

As flood waters enter a home, ruin begins. Wood framing sucks up water like a ShamWow. Outlets underwater are now…
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Private flood insruance compliance

Compliance Information Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization ______________________________________________________________________ THIS POLICY MEETS ALL OF THE PROVISIONS REQUIRED BY: The National Flood…
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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Flood Insurance

It’s been a year since hurricane Harvey sat, defying the odds, over Houston, TX for four full days. More than 50…
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Dialogue with a client in regards to Needing flood insurance

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This is FLOOD UP Man! What is the answer to save money on your flood insurance?

Summer 2018, nearly 7 million homes are at risk of hurricane storm surge, and Flooding Below is a breakdown of the…
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End the Flood Insurance Monopoly – Please

As an Expert in flood insurance, we are uniquely positions to shop all flood policies to date for our clients…
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Why do people Drop Flood coverage?

Insurance, any type of insurance is intended to save us from Financial Ruin, yet why do we choose to go…
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The government kicks the NFIP can down the street 2 more months

The National Flood Insurance program was set to expire the End of September 30 2017. Our government seemed to be…
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Why Having Flood Insurance Coverage is Key

Have you looked into FEMA’s flood insurance coverage? If so, you were likely shocked at the prices. At Better Flood…
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The Flood Insurance Provider You Can Trust

Have you ever had to make a phone call to your insurance provider? It can be an incredibly stressful thing…
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