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Your Flood Nerds are on a mission to make finding affordable flood insurance far easier, quicker, less stressful, and even a bit more fun—for the millions who need to purchase a policy due to their property being leveraged, and those who see a potential risk of flooding and aim to protect their financial futures from the devastation an uncovered flood could cause.

Flood Nerds explains what a RCBAP policy is

Your arrival, though long overdue, is much welcomed. 

Now that you’re here, let’s cut to the chase. 

You’ve landed on these words because you’re eager to find affordable flood insurance that doesn’t skimp on coverage.

You’re not here to dig into what a Flood Nerd is or delve into our life stories. 

So, here’s the gist: We kicked off in 2015, fueled by Robert Murphy’s desire to make a positive impact. 

Leaving behind a successful 20-year career in advertising as a creative director, he dove headfirst into the world of P&C insurance brokerage, and he’s been making waves ever since. 

Here’s the Lowdown: 

  • Saved clients over $2.3M+ on annual premiums, year after year. 
  • Seated on numerous industry boards to advocate for affordable flood insurance. 
  • Garnered 5,497+ satisfied clients. 
  • Amassed 445+ reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars. 
  • Prevented countless clients from overpaying for flood insurance. 

Numbers speak louder than words. 

Check out what folks are saying about us. 

And yes, we are on a noble crusade in the flood insurance realm. 

Far from nefarious intentions, our aim is to empower and educate people about flood risks, ensuring they can access the most affordable, solid coverage available. 

And it Starts with This Button… 

Flood Nerd Team

Oops, our bad. 

This isn’t your typical “about us” page. It’d be downright selfish to fill it with our accolades. 

Instead, this page is all about YOU. 

We get it—navigating the maze of finding affordable flood insurance is daunting. 

It’s like diving into a whirlpool of razor blades while trekking a fragile bridge across a chasm, amidst a thunderstorm, utterly unprotected. 

Especially true for most property owners who resort to their family agent, unaware of the ins and outs of flood insurance, being misled that the government is their only option—such ignorance! 

Or perhaps, you’ve scoured the web, desperately trying to decode flood insurance jargon, hoping against hope for a comprehensive yet affordable policy. 

We dub this the “guesswork”—a vast, blistering wasteland of confusion and neglect, where we’d rather traverse a path of hot coals than conduct our business. 

But remember, this journey is truly about you. 

You’re here because you sense the flood risk looming over your property, seeking an affordable yet trustworthy policy.

What you desire is: 

  • More security. 
  • More savings. 
  • Unbridled freedom. 
  • Certainty. 
  • Cherished memories. 
  • Quality time with your family. 
  • Comfortable travels with your partner, leaving footprints in the sand. 

Imagine, just by hitting this button…


Set your skepticism aside. 

What if there’s a streamlined path ahead? Imagine eradicating the guesswork and waving goodbye to the nightmares.

 What if you had a clear, proven map to the destination you yearn for? 

That’s precisely why the Flood Nerds were born—to address this challenge head-on, wielding the power of a lightning strike to obliterate the obstacles. 

Our every move at Better Flood Insurance is driven by an unwavering zeal to carve out meaningful victories for our clients. We’re not here for empty platitudes. 

Instead, we’re focused on real, tangible outcomes, steering you through the tumultuous waters of insurance to land the most economical flood protection that aligns with your unique needs. 

We thrive on your success. 

It’s a virtuous cycle—a beacon of hope in a chaotic world. 

Here’s the essence: our exhaustive efforts, from pitching properties to elite underwriters to dissecting flood maps, are all aimed at one thing—your success. 

Because, at the end of the day, we are the wizards of flood insurance, your navigators through the maze of options, always on the hunt for unbeatable rates. 

Still on the fence? 

Remember, insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting a different outcome. 

Let’s break the cycle. 

Let’s embark on a new journey. 


Wave Goodbye to Weekend Worries—Life’s Too Darn Short!

Imagine this: Regardless of your age, you’ve been on a quest, delving into the internet’s abyss, encountering so-called “flood insurance prophets.” 

You’ve trawled through flood maps, devoured blog posts, and endured endless tutorials, all in a bid to unravel the flood insurance mystery solo. 

Because finding a genuine expert feels akin to chasing unicorns. 

You’ve grappled with technicalities, weighed public vs. private insurance, and pondered over premiums that seem to drain your wallet as swiftly as a sinking ship.

 Just as you think you’ve got a handle on it, “Bam!” Another “guru” promises salvation in this cyclical saga of discovery and despair. 

Feeling swamped? 

Poised to surrender, or vent in frustration? 

What if a simple ‘button’ could clear the storm clouds, turning this daunting quest into a serene voyage towards clarity?

The Crux of the Matter: Mandatory vs. Optional Coverage… 

Navigating the treacherous waters of being underinsured when disaster strikes is critical. 

The key to rapid financial recovery lies in activating your coverage and settling claims swiftly—every day, all year round.

A “financial safety net” that helps you rebound effortlessly. 

Remember, recent events have shown that 97% of damaged properties lacked flood coverage, leaving many to shoulder repairs or debt, a heartbreaking reality. 

But there’s hope—a way to avoid sleepless nights whenever storms loom on the horizon. 

And Here’s the Best Part… 

We’ve curated a unique platform granting access to exclusive underwriters like never before. 

We’ve revolutionized savings for 5,497+ properties nationwide, amassing over $358,000+ in savings for our clients. 

This secret sauce for saving at unparalleled speed begins with you and our “platform.” 

Battle-Tested: The Most Effective Platform for Saving on Flood Insurance Without Compromising Coverage. 

Our mission? 

Transform your flood insurance quest from a daunting chore into a seamless, supportive experience with the Flood Nerds by your side. We stand unmatched, eager to welcome you into our league. 

Beyond the Hype… Our quest is straightforward—to simplify savings on flood insurance, making it quicker, less stressful, and indeed, more enjoyable for the many who face this necessity daily. 

Fueled by a league of flood aficionados, we challenge outdated norms and sky-high premiums, advocating for a new era of insurance. 

With so many “experts” online, it’s easy to get lost. 

But we stand by the facts, our results, and our unparalleled approach to flood insurance. 

We’re the Flood Nerds—your champions in navigating this complex terrain, eager to guide you from uncertainty to a place of informed, cost-effective coverage. 

But to dive deeper, to turn the page on your flood insurance narrative, we invite you to press one of the many buttons scattered across this page. Let’s make an impression, one last time.

Better Flood Insurance Inc.

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