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matthew_ss4I was looking though articles and ran across these images. Wow, floods…

This was from Hurricane Matthew which hit the Eastern cost October 2016.

Earlier this week, I was speaking to a colleague and she was telling me that the rescue workers were having to come in 3 hours by boat to save those trapped.

Well wishes to all that have suffered a loss, especially those in North Carolina. Prayers and well wishes your way.

And call your agent and start a claim!


Something that I also want to talk about is the map revisions that FEMA has released this year. If you find yourself in a special hazard flood area (SHFA) call me, because I might have some options to help get your premium manageable. If you were in a SHFA and now are mapped out please consider that just because a map has changed does not mean that your risk has been reduced. Mother Nature does not listen to government maps. In fact NFIP statics show that every year, 20% of those effected by floods (our nation’s #1 disaster) are not in the SHFA and are not required by law to carry flood insurance. So they don’t have it and then are at a greater risk I would be comfortable with. NFIP’s PRP (Preferred Rate Policy) are between $450 – $700 for peace of mind, well worth it in my opinion.

If the NFIP had a pematthew_ss1nny for every time, I have heard a client say they are never going to flood . The NFIP would not be experiencing debt 25+ billion that they are in because of floods. Some other things I have heard from clients is that the government will step in and help if they experience a flood.  Please understand that this could only happen if the President of the United States declares a state of emergency which doesn’t happen for every flood! And if the government does step in it is only in the form of a loan (A LOAN that you have to pay back) to clean up your house– this dept is crippling businesses and to those on fixed incomes.

Consider what would you do if your property floods? Call me if you want to discuss your options.

Thanks to all the brave men and women that rescue!



Got Flood Insurance? Your Neighbors Didn’t Think They Needed It Either.

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