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Business owners, you’re prime targets for flooding!

The devastation from Hurricane Harvey’s flooding caused a shocking $125 billion in damages – leaving many businesses unable to recover.

‘It’s a warning sign of what could happen to your own business if not insured.

With climate change causing more floods and rising sea levels, commercial flood insurance is an important way for business owners to protect themselves and their investments against these tragedies that can happen at any time.

These policies can offer special coverage for loss to the building, inventory and some offer business income as well as extra expenses associated with clean-up after a catastrophic event.

Businesses are encouraged not only in high-risk areas but throughout the country get this valuable protection – even if you don’t think it will ever affect you!

It may be time to consider commercial flood insurance as prevention against climate change raising sea levels.

Why Do You Need Commercial Flood Insurance?

Did you know that standard insurance doesn’t cover your business in the case of a flood?

It’s important to know what your standard commercial insurance won’t cover you for, especially in the case of flooding.

If water damage results from anything other than the roof or another above source – such as storm drains, rivers and creeks, or storms- commercial flood insurance is necessary to protect both your building and inventory.

Don’t let yourself be caught high and dry!

Commercial flood insurance provides your business with a wide safety net by protecting both the building itself, as well as its contents and you can add loss of income as well.

Get peace of mind today: invest in commercial flood insurance to make sure your profits stay afloat no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Natural disasters come without warning, and floods are especially destructive regarding property damage.

Ensure you have the right protection: flood insurance could save hundreds – or even thousands! – of dollars in damages that don’t have to be paid out of your pocket.

Sure, there is a small chance that the government may offer some a special-relief loan in the form of low-interest loans – but it’s still your pocket that will take the hit. And this might not be offered, so it is a huge risk.

Save yourself money (and headaches) now by investing in a solid commercial flood insurance plan – then you can rest easy knowing no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, it won’t come out of your wallet.

Don’t let expensive flood damage put you out of business!

With an average commercial claim amounting to over $97,000, it’s almost impossible for small businesses owners to have that kind cash just lying around.

To keep your dreams alive and ensure the future success of your enterprise don’t forget to consider getting a good flood insurance policy in case anything unexpected happens – it may be one great investment worth making because replacing all those lost investments would take time and cost even more money than if protected with appropriate coverage.

Do You Have to Have Commercial Flood Insurance?

If you’re a business owner, it pays to stay ahead of the curve — especially when it comes to flood zones!

Many mortgage lenders require businesses in high-risk areas (flood zone AE or flood zone VE) on their local maps purchase commercial insurance before they can close their loan.

These maps shift over time though – so even if your property wasn’t part of that risk map at one point, there’s always a chance things have changed since then.

Make sure to watch out for potential coverage gaps and keep up with changing regulations near you today!

To determine the risk level for flooding in your geographic location, you can check the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

Even if you don’t live in a rain-prone region, don’t think you’re off the hook!

Changes to your environment like development and roadways can create conditions that cause unexpected flash flooding.

For our snowier friends – warmer springs mean melting snow could be an artificial dam of sorts, diverting rushing water where it might not normally go—and right into your home or business perhaps?

Make sure you protect yourself with appropriate flood protection measures – just in case!

What’s Involved in a Commercial Flood Insurance Policy?

Need your flood insurance policy to kick in ASAP?

Many private flood insurance policies have you covered, with plans starting as soon as 10 days from purchase, but NFIP policies take effect 30 days later.

Just remember that if closing on a loan is imminent, the NFIP coverage won’t be able to help tide over any impending disasters – so plan ahead and protect yourself!

To ensure your assets are properly protected from flooding disasters during closings, don’t wait until rain is on the horizon – get cover now to avoid any surprises down the line.

Protecting your business from flood damage is vital, and with the Flood Nerds shopping for you we will compare many private flood insurance potions to the NFIP standard coverage getting you the cheapest option that has good coverage.

It has never been easier.

Get access to two great policy options for commercial businesses no matter where you are on the FEMA risk map— from areas of high-risk flooding all the way down to undetermined zones!

Many private flood Insurance policies also offer commercial flood insurance and can be broader coverage and premiums are much better we are taking like hundreds, even thousands of dollars better less then the NFIP. Click here to see your options.

What is an RCBAP flood policy?

The RCBAP is a master policy for residential condominiums issued by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

To meet the definition of a residential condominium building and be eligible for coverage under an RCBAP, 75 percent or more of the building’s floor area must be for residential use.

A hand full of Private flood insurance policies also offer master flood insurance coverage and can be broader coverage and premiums are much better we are taking like thousands of dollars better.

We helped one community save $50,000 and one even save over $130,000 on their premium over the NFIP policy.

Are There Options Outside of the NFIP?

If you’re considering your flooding options beyond the NFIP, Lloyds of London flood policy has got you covered!

With private coverage, not only can you purchase insurance higher than the government’s limit – up to $500k – and you can  also purchase peace-of-mind knowing that the private markets can cover business interruption losses if you add it to your policy.

Do You Have Commercial Flood Insurance?

Don’t let your business float away without the appropriate coverage!

A reliable private flood insurance option can provide broader coverage then the offered by NFIP, and many private flood insurance options cost much less.

Get ahead of potential losses and make sure to ask one of our friendly “Flood Nerds” for their smart advice on how better cover your company’s assets – it could save you thousands in repairs down the line.

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