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How much is Flood Insurance

Our clients save on average $500 to $1,457* on their annual premiums. Get flood insurance from a Flood Nerd™ and save big time.

In many cases, they save even more.


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2024 Cheap Flood Insurance

Instant Online Flood Insurance Quote

Shopping for flood insurance isn’t exactly a fun experience. With so many different insurance options to choose from, the process can be confusing and intimidating — not to mention time-consuming.

Finding the right flood insurance quote doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Imagine finding the lowest rates with the great coverage, all without doing a lot of research yourself.

Our flood nerds make shopping for flood insurance quick and easy so you can get the coverage you need fast. We’ll analyze all the flood insurance quotes and provide our in-depth understanding of how to get the best price out of your policies. With us, you’re sure to save time and money on your flood insurance quote.

Get Cheap Flood Insurance

Floods can be a nightmare, and with rising flood insurance premiums, it’s getting harder and harder to find coverage that you can rely on. Searching for comprehensive, yet affordable flood coverage can feel like wading through a sea of confusing paperwork and choices.

With so many options out there, you want the most reliable coverage and the best rates – without sacrificing trustworthiness or your peace of mind. Flood Nerds is here to help, with experts dedicated to saving you time and money.

Skip the headache – let our certified agents help you get the cheap flood insurance that works for your needs. Get trusted coverage and save money all at once with Flood Nerds.

Do You Currently Have an NFIP Policy?

If you already have an NFIP/FEMA flood insurance policy you need a Flood Nerd now. Unfortunately, we see many NFIP policies written by other agents that don’t know how to take advantage of the program. 85% are generalists that specialize in homeowners and auto policies. Their lack of knowledge can cost you thousands of dollars.

If you currently have an NFIP/FEMA policy you know how expensive premiums are getting – and how hard it is to pay your flood insurance renewal.

Stop stressing over flood insurance costs and the difficulty of finding coverage. Let a Flood Nerd do the legwork for you.

By working with a flood insurance agency that only deals with flood insurance, your chance of overpaying for flood insurance coverage is less. We can’t help with cheap car insurance, but we are the cheap flood insurance shoppers.

Do You Currently Have Private Flood Insurance?

Just because your policy is written by a private flood insurance company doesn’t mean it is cheaper than anything else out there.

The only way to truly see if you are getting a good premium is to let a Flood Nerd shop your flood insurance. The quote is free and all you have to lose is a high flood insurance premium.

Lloyds of London Flood insurance policies usually are less than NFIP policies, but sometimes a savvy Flood Nerd can get the government policy for less.

We are on the Best Flood Insurance List

Everyone wants to feel secure, especially when it comes to your home. If a flood were to happen, would you know what insurance will protect your belongings? Purchasing flood insurance is an important decision and can be frustrating trying to figure out which policy is right for you.

Shopping around for the best flood insurance plan doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore. With the help of expert Flood Nerds™, you can get the exact coverage you request at the best prices.

Get the protection and peace of mind you deserve with our best flood insurance shopping services. Our experts will look around and make sure you get the perfect policy that meets your request.

Homeowners Love Flood Nerds

Are you looking to buy a new home and just discovered it requires flood insurance? Is your homeowner’s insurance agent giving you a ridiculous price for flood insurance?

Don’t panic! The Flood Nerds help make your dream home a reality.

The Better Flood Insurance Agency is the flood insurance agency that shops for options in your area.

The Flood Nerds will get you a good flood insurance quote. The quote is free. There are no strings attached.


Loan Officers, Mortgage Companies, and Realtors Love the Flood Nerds

Flood Nerds understand the requirements for flood insurance for federally backed or insured loans. We know what you’re looking for! That’s why we make sure you have everything you need the first time around.

Flood Nerds help close loans on time.

The Flood Nerds make certain that flood insurance isn’t going to delay your closing. Oftentimes, we help close the loan earlier than expected because we get cheap flood insurance fast.

Private Flood Insurance versus the NFIP

Most people don’t realize there is a healthy private market for flood insurance. That’s because the federal government dominated the market for years. When you have no competition, you have no incentive to control costs.

When the government finally allowed competition, many of the big insurance companies like Allstate, Progressive, and State Farm started taking the NFIP policy and slapping their logo on it.

That’s not private insurance! And that’s not how to save money on flood insurance either!

The Flood Nerds know the REAL private flood insurance market. We know over 40 companies where we can shop to get you the good coverage and a good rate. We’ll even shop your policy through the Lloyds of London syndicates.

Then we compare those costs with the cost of the NFIP policy.

Private flood insurance policies can save you 20-50% over the government option.

It seems crazy that private flood insurance is cheaper, but that’s because most private flood insurance company have different underwriting practices, technology, and appetite for covering a property’s risk.

Do you have the time and energy to spend shopping for your flood coverage with every available insurance company? Of course not, unless you are a Flood Nerd.

Flood Nerds love to shop for flood insurance. We get an adrenaline rush and an endorphin high when we find cheap flood insurance and better flood insurance coverage for our clients.

Read more about the differences between the NFIP and Private Insurance

Why You Need Flood Insurance

You don’t wait until the house is on fire to buy fire insurance. Even if your lender doesn’t require you to have flood insurance, you may still need it.

Your homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover damage from rising water. That’s the costliest damage to repair. The average damage from a flood is $35,000.

One uncovered flood can wipe you out financially. It’s why so many houses are abandoned and foreclosed upon after a major flood.

Don’t Wait Until You See Water in Your Backyard To Buy Flood Insurance – It’s Too Late

Even if you have had a private flood policy for a while, it’s free to have a Flood Nerd shop for better coverage or a better price. You’ve literally got nothing to lose but a high premium!

You need flood insurance, but you need to protect your pocketbook as well. No matter where you live, the Flood Nerds are here. They know your area and they know how to save money on flood insurance, even if you live in a high-risk area.

Meet a Real Flood Nerd

I’m Robert Murphy, founder of Better Flood Insurance and the head Flood Nerd.

I am going to share with you the secret to getting a good price on your flood insurance.

Let a Flood Nerd do your shopping for free. It’s that simple.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had coverage through the NFIP for years and are sick of the premiums or are buying a house and the lender wants flood insurance before you can close.

The Flood Nerds can help.

Fill out the Request for a Quote and we will start shopping right away.

I believe you should know your options when it comes to flood coverage so you can make a good decision. And you should feel confident you are getting a good price.

That’s why we Flood Nerds make this pledge.

  • I promise to get my customer good coverage.
  • I promise to find it at a good price.
  • I will make getting flood insurance a process that’s easy, fun, and stress-free as I can.

When you ask a Flood Nerd to shop your coverage we will look at options. Flood Nerds love to review your property and history and then get you a solution that could fit your needs.

My love for saving people money on flood insurance is what makes Better Flood Insurance the best flood insurance agency you will find, period.

Robert Murphy The flood nerd

How to Reduce the Cost of Flood Insurance

  1. Start researching all 40 private flood insurance carriers.
  2. Get frustrated and confused.
  3. Contact a Flood Nerd for a free quote and let them do the work.
  4. If your home’s flood map changes, buy your policy within 9 months of the map change to benefit from heavily subsidized NFIP premiums.
  5. When buying a home that needs flood insurance, always ask the seller for a copy of the flood policy Declaration page. If they have a subsidized policy, a real flood insurance agent (a Flood Nerd!) can get you that same rate.
  6. Adding an elevation certificate may help.
  7. Flood vents may change the base elevation.
  8. Talk to a Flood Nerd about flood mitigation strategies.

Changes to Your Property Can Lower Your Flood Risk

Sometimes making an adjustment to your property can reduce your NFIP flood insurance premiums. The Flood Nerds know a lot about this stuff too. Ask them about:
  1. Elevating machinery or equipment above the base flood elevation (BFE).
  2. BFE is how high the government says the floodwaters will go in the event of flooding.
  3. When these items are below the BFE, you might pay a surcharge.
  4. If your home is elevated either over a garage, enclosure, or crawlspace, consider adding flood vents. This takes the lowest floor out of the flood insurance rating consideration. But there’s a trick for this to work. The square inches of the holes must be equal to or greater than the square feet of the vented area. There are engineered flood vents that can be smaller openings but let more water pass under your living area.
  5. Although this doesn’t affect flood insurance rates. You should consider flood damage-resistant materials, elevating machinery, and other techniques that can keep your home safer.
  6. In extreme cases, you might want to reconsider the location of your house. Elevating your building may be expensive, but in some cases, you may qualify for government grants. If your home can’t be elevated then check out this link to see if this is an option for you.
  7. Elevating your home 3 feet above the BFE can save up to 60% or more on your annual flood insurance premium. If you are 1 foot above the BFE it saves 30%. Here is a great resource to see if this option would work for you.
  8. Sometimes your community can do some FEMA flood mitigation that will allow you to get community discounts. See if your community has discounts here.



    Flood Nerds were wonderful in assisting me with a very complicated flood policy for a borrower. They were very responsive to the questions while we were under the gun to get the borrower to the closing table. Thank you!!

    Jackie Bennett ~ Brookhaven, GA


    They are incredible to work with.

    ~  Karl Salva – Springfield, OH


    “The Better Flood team was super helpful and saved me a significant amount on my flood insurance. I couldn’t be happier about switching to Better Flood!”


    The Flood Nerds designed and executed a program for an upcoming loan closing, that not only met loan requirements but exceeded expectations on timing. Due to prior agents’ incompetence, the loan was in jeopardy of not closing on time, if the date was missed this would cost the buyer thousands of dollars, and the whole process once Robert got on the team he made this happen. Saving money on Flood insurance as well as keeping the closing date.

    When seeking expert Flood advice, Robert is knowledgeable and provides personable, friendly service.

    Patty E – Sr. Large Commercial Loan Walker & Dunlop


    Better Flood Insurance has been amazing to work with! I bought a riverfront property a couple of years ago that is in a floodplain expecting that I could get flood insurance at a similar rate as the existing homeowner. I ended up finding a policy for about $1,600 but then it was canceled after a year. The following year I found one for about $3,400 which also just came up for cancellation. I have been so stressed because the NFIP policy was quoting me over $10,000 for the property. Better Flood went above and beyond to do research and find a way for me to be grandfathered into the NFIP policy with a rate of about $1,400 a year. Talk about a big relief! I was so close to having to sell the property due to the super-high rates! Thank you so much for all you have done to find me the best insurance policy at a great rate! Thanks, Matt



    Flood Nerds did a great job for us! They know the ins and outs of Flood Insurance which is required to navigate the particular complexities of this kind of insurance. Their deep knowledge of this area of insurance ended up saving us a considerable amount of money, and we’re most appreciative. They are also quick and efficient and got the job done with a tight deadline to support our loan application. I recommend Mr. Murphy AKA the Flood Nerd without a single reservation. Bravo!

    Leslie M – Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey


    I’m so glad someone referred me to the Flood Nerds! Robert and Susie set me up with a policy exponentially better than anything I was finding through other providers. They were both quick to assist and very knowledgeable. The Flood Nerds took away the stress of having to find flood insurance!

    Will C – Little Rock, Arkansas

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