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See What People Say About Working with the Flood Nerds in 2024

In 2023, our commitment to providing comprehensive flood insurance solutions remains stronger than ever. Clients consistently applaud the Flood Nerds for our personalized service, noting how we meticulously compare various private insurance offerings with the National Flood Insurance Program to secure not just any policy, but the right one. The breadth of our coverage is vast, catering to a wide array of needs—from residential to commercial properties, including specialized policies for condo units, RCBAPs, master flood policies, and even excess coverage for those requiring additional security. This dedication to tailored service is a common highlight in flood nerd reviews.

Furthermore, the flood nerd reviews often emphasize the ease and clarity with which our experts navigate the often complex terrain of flood insurance. Whether it’s a quaint suburban home or a sprawling commercial complex, our Flood Nerds are equipped to handle the nuances of each property, ensuring that our clients are not just insured, but also informed. It’s this level of expertise and care that has not only drawn people to choose us but also to continue working with us for their diverse flood insurance needs. Through our extensive network of over 40 private insurers, we guarantee that every policy is a harmonious blend of coverage, cost, and peace of mind.

Loan Officers Love Flood Nerds

Loan officers have found their ally in Flood Nerds, particularly when it comes to the intricacies of flood certification during the loan process. It’s not uncommon for flood certs to be overlooked until the eleventh hour, but that’s where the expertise and efficiency of Flood Nerds truly shine. In flood nerd reviews, loan officers frequently express their gratitude for our ability to work diligently against tight deadlines, ensuring that critical dates are met without a hitch.

The reliability of Flood Nerds is a cornerstone of our service, as evidenced by the countless loan officers who depend on us for timely delivery of all necessary documentation. The assurance that comes with our involvement is priceless; loan closings proceed without delay, thanks to the adept and proactive approach of the Flood Nerds team. This seamless integration of our services into the loan process is a recurring theme in flood nerd reviews, highlighting our commitment to keeping the loan process on track and on time.

Jackie loves the flood nerds

“Flood Nerds were wonderful in assisting me with a very complicated flood policy for a borrower. They were very responsive to the questions while we were under the gun to get the borrower to the closing table. Thank you!”

Jackie Bennett ~ Brookhaven, GA
Flood Nerds Save a big deal

“The Flood Nerds designed and executed a program for an upcoming loan closing, that not only met loan requirements but exceeded expectations on timing. Due to prior agents’ incompetence, the loan was in jeopardy of not closing on time, if the date was missed this would cost the buyer thousands of dollars, and the whole process. Once Robert got on the team he made things happen, saving money on flood insurance as well as keeping the closing date. When seeking expert Flood advice, Robert is knowledgeable and provides personable, friendly service.”

Patty E ~ Sr. Large Commercial Loan Walker & Dunlop

Home Buyers Love Flood Nerds

Home buyers, in their journey to find the perfect residence, often face unexpected hurdles, with flood insurance requirements being one of the more daunting ones. This is a sentiment echoed in many flood nerd reviews, where the relief provided by Flood Nerds is palpably appreciated. Understanding the anxiety that can accompany such surprises, Flood Nerds make it their mission to alleviate any concerns about flood insurance.

As you focus on the myriad details of relocating, like coordinating with movers and setting up your new space, the Flood Nerds seamlessly expedite the flood insurance procurement process. Our team is lauded in flood nerd reviews for turning a potentially stressful situation into a smooth, well-managed aspect of the home-buying experience. With Flood Nerds, home buyers can rest easy knowing that the flood insurance aspect of their purchase is in expert hands, allowing them to concentrate on the excitement of making their dream home a reality.

“Flood Nerds did a great job for us! They know the ins and outs of Flood Insurance which is required to navigate the particular complexities of this kind of insurance. Their deep knowledge of this area of insurance ended up saving us a considerable amount of money, and we’re most appreciative. They are also quick and efficient and got the job done with a tight deadline to support our loan application. I recommend Mr. Murphy AKA the Flood Nerd without a single reservation. Bravo!”

Leslie M ~ Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey

Homeowners Love the Flood Nerds

In a climate where NFIP premiums are on the rise, homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to mitigate the financial strain without compromising on coverage. This is where Flood Nerds step in, providing a much-needed respite as highlighted in numerous flood nerd reviews. Homeowners consistently commend the Flood Nerds for making the process of saving on flood insurance not just possible, but surprisingly simple.

The accolades in flood nerd reviews often celebrate the tangible benefits of working with a Flood Nerd—significant savings coupled with superior insurance coverage. This winning combination has led to thousands of homeowners switching to the smarter option: having a Flood Nerd in their corner. The expertise and dedication of Flood Nerds make navigating the complexities of flood insurance a breeze, solidifying our reputation as a homeowner’s best ally in the quest for affordable, comprehensive flood insurance.

“Better Flood Insurance has been amazing to work with! I bought a riverfront property a couple of years ago that is in a floodplain expecting that I could get flood insurance at a similar rate as the existing homeowner. I ended up finding a policy for about $1,600 but then it was canceled after a year. The following year I found one for about $3,400 which also just came up for cancellation. I have been so stressed because the NFIP policy was quoting me over $10,000 for the property. Better Flood went above and beyond to do research and find a way for me to be grandfathered into the NFIP policy with a rate of about $1,400 a year. Talk about a big relief! I was so close to having to sell the property due to the super-high rates! Thank you so much for all you have done to find me the best insurance policy at a great rate!”

Matt W ~ Harpers Ferry, WV

“I’m so glad someone referred me to the Flood Nerds! Robert and Susie set me up with a policy exponentially better than anything I was finding through other providers. They were both quick to assist and very knowledgeable. The Flood Nerds took away the stress of having to find flood insurance!”

Will C – Little Rock, Arkansas
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