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If you’re among many people who don’t think they can’t afford home flood insurance, you may want to think again. At Better Flood Insurance, we want to make purchasing home flood insurance as easy as possible so that you can get a fair price and comprehensive coverage. After all, over the course of the last five years, all 50 states in the U.S. have experienced either a full-blown flood or a flash flood. But is there anything you can do ahead of time to prepare for America’s #1 natural disaster?

  • 8078-1If you notice a leak, take care of it right away. That small leak now can make things a whole lot worse later on if it’s not attended to.
  • Make sure your roof is in good condition. Either fix the spots that desperately need some attention or, if it’s necessary, have the roof replaced. Be sure to ask for suggestions on underlayment options to keep water out.
  • Make a list of the things that you own. Our suggestion is to store the list on a portable USB thumbdrive (or two) and also take advantage of storing files in the cloud. That way you know your list will be safe.
  • Take the time to clean out your gutters. Leaves and other debris can keep your drains from working as they should, so make sure everything is clear.

Don’t wait for a flood to occur. You want to have home flood insurance coverage in place before things go wrong. Take advantage of our free consultation. With Better Flood Insurance, you’ll know that you’re covered.

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