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In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of getting flood insurance coverage even if the risk of home flooding in your area is fairly low. We’ve gotten a couple of questions recently about just what flood insurance from Better Flood Insurance is like, so today’s blog is going to answer that question.

What are some of the biggest benefits of our residential flood insurance coverage, you ask?

Here at Better Flood Insurance, we made it our number one goal to provide people with the absolute best flood insurance coverage for the least amount of money. Regardless of whether you live in an area where floods are a yearly occurrence or in a place where the chances of a flood are relatively low, we can provide you with the perfect coverage to meet your needs.

Because we don’t need an Elevation Certificate, that means less paperwork for you. That also means that you save time and money. We also cover the property in your basement, whereas the NFIP does not. With Better Flood Insurance, coverage of your personal property means that you have the peace of mind that in the event of a disaster, you’re totally covered.

Another huge benefit of Better Flood Insurance is that you’re able to get flood insurance coverage online in a day instead of weeks. We cover renters as well! Need a quote for flood insurance coverage? Click here to fill out our form and we’ll get back to you promptly with a free quote.

Keep your home safe with flood insurance coverage from Better Flood Insurance.
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