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Have you ever had to make a phone call to your insurance provider? It can be an incredibly stressful thing to be sure. Perhaps a number of readers out there will have had positive experiences speaking with their insurance providers, but just as many (and probably more) will likely have had negative experiences that left them jaded, frustrated, and upset.

Better Flood Insurance is Different

You may have been confused and ended up saying something you regretted. Whether that was an accidental admission of guilt or negligence or being asked to give an official statement before you had all of the facts, it’s possible that simply not knowing what was really going on made for an incredibly stressful situation that may have even created a financial crisis.

At Better Flood Insurance, that’s not how we do things. Our number one priority will always be to help you understand your flood insurance policy to the fullest while also giving you the best possible flood insurance coverage for the best cost. That’s right—our goal is to actually save you money, not find ways to take more of it out of your pocket.

The Flood Insurance Provider Who Can Help

If you’re one of the unlucky people who has had to make a call to an insurance provider, you know exactly the type of stress we’re talking about. Do you know your policy number? Have you taken before and after photos? You have a witness, right? What exactly happened? The questions are endless and at the end, you feel like you’ve been placed on trial.

Here at Better Flood Insurance, we want to take some of the stress out of a stressful situation. You can count on us to be sympathetic and understanding. In other words, we’re real people and we know that you are too, so we’re going to treat you that way.

Get a Flood Insurance Quote from Better Flood Insurance

If you’re ready for a completely different insurance provider, you’re in luck. Between being sympathetic to your situation and wanting to help you save between 20 and 50% on your flood insurance premiums over the other guys. We make it easy to get a free quote, apply online, and know what your options are in twenty-four short hours.

Doesn’t better coverage for less money sound like a win/win situation? We work hard to be able to bring you better flood insurance coverage at significantly better costs than your standard FEMA premium costs (which, by the way, have tripled over the past decade). If you don’t want to have to work to get your home covered in the event of flooding, put your trust in the pros here at Better Flood Insurance.

Have questions? Not to worry. Simply get a quote or give us a call. We’d be glad to discuss your options, answer any questions you have, and make sure you understand everything there is to know about your flood insurance policy. We look forward to hearing from you!

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