Better Flood


Do you need to buy flood insurance? Well, more often than not, it’s a good idea. With Better Flood Insurance, you could save 20-50% on your flood premiums and have both a shorter wait time to get coverage and less paperwork for you to fill out. Here are a couple of reasons you should buy flood insurance from Better Flood Insurance.

  • 8078-2We’ll cover the personal property that you store in your basement. Did you know that the NFIP doesn’t cover basement property? Most standard homeowners insurance won’t cover flood damage either. With Better Flood Insurance, you can make sure your beloved property is replaced.
  • We cover other losses that aren’t usually covered through your homeowners insurance policy as well. In many states, we cover volcanic eruptions as well as earthquakes (but be sure to check with your agent regarding which states are covered).
  • The decision to buy flood insurance is often tough because of the cost. With Better Flood Insurance, you can get better coverage for sometimes as much as 50% of what it would cost elsewhere.
  • We comply with all government requirements for flood insurance which makes it easy for your lender to approve our flood policies.

At Better Flood Insurance, our number one goal is to make it easy for you to buy flood insurance. Floods are the number one disaster in the United States and everyone is at risk even if they don’t live near large bodies of water. Contact us today and we’ll help to get you the absolute best coverage for the best possible cost.

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