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Let the Flood Nerds help you out. Our expert team has been providing homeowners flood insurance, condo flood Insurance, and rental property flood insurance with tailored solutions for years, so we know just how tricky it can be to navigate this process. That’s why our goal is always to make it as easy and straightforward as possible by getting you instant flood insurance in minutes!

Whether your property requires a bit more time or not, the Flood Nerds guarantee that you’ll get your quote within 30 minutes if not a note from your flood nerd if still shopping– saving yourself money, time and protecting your home from floods with coverages that fit any budget. Plus, you can get started right away without breaking the bank – most policies through us are between $500 – $1,500!

Get started right now and contact one of our experts at Flood Nerds for an immediate flood insurance quote today!

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Are you well-equipped to find the best flood insurance quote? You have options now! The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has long kept an exclusive hold on the market. However, many private flood insurers have lately begun to enter the industry and offer quote-based policies, which could help you save big bucks.

It’s great news for consumers since there are now more choices than ever before for flood insurance policies. But how do ensure that you are getting a good flood quote and policy? That’s where the Flood Nerds come to the rescue! As specialists in the field, we work with top flood insurance companies to provide consumers with only top-quality flood insurance policies with a reasonable price tag.

With the Flood Nerds on your side, it’s easy to find a policy that meets your budget without sacrificing the necessary coverage. Our service takes the guesswork out of quote shopping and provides you with only qualified quotes from top-rated flood insurance companies. And with our knowledge of the industry and policies, you can trust that any questions will be answered and advice given.

Better Flood Insurance’s Flood Nerds offer a quote-based platform that was built by experienced industry professionals for consumers. We do more than just search for quotes; you can purchase and manage your policy easily through us. We also build customized quotes just for you from our extensive network of pre-qualified underwriters, offering specialized flood insurance products some of which are exclusive. We’ll answer any of your questions and help you work out a great quote.

It’s not hard to secure effective, affordable flood insurance. With Better Flood Insurance’s quote-based platform and our dedicated Flood Nerd shopping service, we can easily compare policies from top-rated providers and get the right flood coverage for your needs. So start your quote search today – better coverage is just a few clicks away!

To protect your valuable property, a standalone flood insurance policy is necessary as a homeowner’s policy usually excludes covering flood damages. Floods often result from extensive water damage triggered by heavy rainfall, snow melt, and coastal storms.

Meet The Flood Nerd™

Your Flood Expert, Friend, and Guardian

In 2015, Robert Murphy, inspired to help homeowners and businessowners alike, entered the insurance brokerage market with one goal in mind: To help uncertain homeowners find affordable, high quality flood insurance that doesn’t compromise on coverage.

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