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3 obstacles that divert your ability to save money on flood insurance.

First is working with an agent that doesn’t understand flood insurance, has less than 700 flood insurance policies, and only shops for the NFIP option. For this reason, we do not think your auto or homeowners insurance agent will be a good option for you or be able to do right by you with your flood coverage. And this could end up costing you much over the years.

Second, if the property has had a prior flood and the payout was more than $50,000, then the private markets won’t offer coverage for your property. If you have had more than one flood, that would be a definite no.

Lastly is not having the flood nerds shop your flood insurance to get options and the better price for your budget.

Striking a balance between how much flood insurance and how to avoid paying for flood insurance.

You might be tempted to think that your property will never flood, you don’t want the policy in the first place, and you are only getting coverage to satisfy your lender. Instead, I would like you to consider the cost of having flood water in your home if you do not have flood coverage.

The NFIP has a study they completed from 1996 – 2019.

They discovered that the average payout of claims is about $52,000.

If you got caught without flood insurance and had that much damage, you would need to get a loan to make repairs, and the loan has an interest.

The interest on $52,000 could be around $6,878; if you paid this loan off in 10 years, your loan payment would be about $621 a month.

Compared to the average cost of flood insurance at a $909 annual premium, the monthly cost would be $75 compared with the loan payment.

To me, flood insurance makes financial sense.

2022 forward offers an abundance of storms and flooding events.

Twenty-one percent of homes in the US are at risk of flooding and do not have coverage.

Below are estimated statistics by state.

If your property is on an Alabama flood zone map this link will help you.

Alabama has 126,846 homes in flood zone AE or other high-risk flood zones, and 113,345 are uninsured.

Alaska has 8,271, and most of them are uninsured.

Check out the Arizona flooding map and see how to save money on flood insurance

Arizona is just as bad, with 99,388 and 87,064 not covered.

Click this link if you want to see the average cost of flood insurance in Arkansas and how to save money.

Arkansas has 82,189, with 75,705 uninsured, and will be financially ruined in the flood.

Click here for California flood insurance

California has 388,325 properties that FEMA has identified as high-risk for flooding, and 307,591 have chosen to forgo flood insurance.

Let us quote your flood insurance in Colorado!

Colorado has 43,615, with 39,571 of this amount uninsured.

Check to see if your county has the Connecticut flood zone map updated

Connecticut has 86,907 compared to 75,573 that do not have flood insurance.

Many of Delaware flood zone maps are out of date

Delaware has 34,713 properties in a higher-risk flood zone, and 25,114 do not have this important flood coverage.

District of Columbia has 3,465 with 3,260 uninsureds for flooding

If you need cheap flood insurance in Florida click here.

Florida has 1,893,920 properties that should be covered; however, 1,389,972 opted to forgo coverage hoping for federal help.

Is your property in need of flood insurance Georgia?

Georgia has 231,038 that should be required to get coverage, with 205,089 that do not have flood insurance.

See when Flood Nerds save you money on Hawaii flood insurance.

Hawaii has 46,243 properties at risk, with 87.9% of this number not covered.

Is your home in need of flood insurance Idaho?

Idaho has 17,047 in an AE flood zone map, with 15,024 flooding without any coverage.

Check this to see when your home will save money on Illinois flood insurance

If you ask how much is flood insurance in zone AE in Illinois, this should help you find that answer. Illinois has 118,485 at risk of flooding, and only 13,325 have made the smartest choice to protect their financial future.

Flood insurance in Indiana can be expensive but the Flood Nerds will save you money.

Indiana has 121,354 high-risk flood properties, with 113,422 deciding to forgo coverage, which is nearly 93.5%

Check out the Iowa flood insurance

Iowa has 40,825 structures at risk, with only 3,454 properties insured.

Click here to see how to save money on flood insurance in Kansas

Kansas has 44,039 estimated homes in AE flood zones, yet as many as 41,505 have made a grave choice to forgo coverage.

Find out how much you can save with Flood Nerds on flood insurance in Kentucky.

Kentucky, which recently had a major loss, has 90,049 properties that will flood, yet 80,197 still are uninsured.

Find out how much is flood insurance in Louisiana

If you are wondering how to find how much is flood insurance in zone ae Louisiana, this link will help. Louisiana, with 247,341 and which has seen more than its fair share of flooding, is doing much better than most states with only 35,7% of properties that are at risk not having coverage.

Click here to see how to save money on flood insurance in Maine

Maine has 17,904 properties needing coverage because of its flood zone. Sadly, 15,717 do not.

You will save money on flood insurance Maryland

Maryland is a little (very little) better with 56,411 properties that will flood and 43,318 hoping they don’t

See how to save money on flood insurance in Massachusetts

Massachusetts needs to cover 181,393, but 166,470 are risking flooding without coverage.

Find out about flood Insurance in Michigan and how you can save money

Michigan has 140,620 that need flood protection and 131,859 that choose to not have flood protection.

You will save money on flood insurance Minnesota find out how.

Minnesota needs flood protection for 56,622, and only 2,080 have the necessary protection.

You will save with the Flood Nerds on flood insurance in Mississippi

Mississippi has 145,578 properties with flood issues, and 125,269 ignore flood protection.

Ready to save your money on flood insurance Missouri?

Missouri has 76,393 that need flood protection, and 90.6% have chosen to go uninsured.

If you are on a Montana flooding map you had better hope you bought your coverage in time.

Montana isn’t any better, with 92.7% of 15,824 that are going to flood with no coverage.

Look at the number of properties in the Nebraska flood plain map that choose to not get the coverage.

Nebraska has 39,982 that need flood insurance, yet 36,260 choose to not have it.

Many of the NH flood zone maps are out of date not giving New Hampshire homeowners the real risk. And those that are in the highrisk zone still choose to not be covered.

New Hampshire has 34,805 properties at risk of flood with no coverage.

You might be asking how much is flood insurance NJ we see the vast majority of our clients pay between $500 – $1500 for flood coverage.

New Jersey has 230,313 properties that should be covered and 142,352 uninsured. I hope that history proves how important this is to NJ.

How much is flood insurance in New Mexico? Get the coverage you need before you see the flood waters in your backyard.

New Mexico has 41,125 properties in higher-risk flood zones, and 34,994 ignore the warning.

Flood insurance NY is surprisingly affordable – flooding however without insurance is not.

In New York, you have 269,165 high-risk properties, yet 214,888 decide to not have coverage.

Flood Insurance NC should be between $500 to $1500 for most building owners lets get you guys insured.

North Carolina, you have 225,079 properties that should be insured against flooding, yet 172,863 are not.

Do you know that only 20 people search the term flood insurance North Dakota a month? we need to get you guys covered before your community floods without coverage.

North Dakota has 22,977 at risk of flooding, and 93.4% made the grave choice to forgo coverage.

OH flood Insurance is very affordable not having coverage is so risky.

Ohio has 149,084 uninsured homes that will flood with no coverage.

Flood insurance Oklahoma is surprisingly easy and cost-effective let a flood nerd do your shopping.

Oklahoma, you have 90,510 properties that FEMA mapped into the AE flood zone, and 86,605 of you decided to not have flood insurance.

You might be asking how much flood insurance Oregon is. Well, ask a flood nerd to shop for you.

Oregon has 59,125 high-risk homes, and 50,107 don’t think they are at risk, so they choose to not get flood coverage.

Find out about flood insurance in PA and how you can save money.

Pennsylvania has 160,839 properties facing flooding. Even with that information, 144,530 do not have flood insurance.

Flood insurance Rhode Island is a must if you want to protect your financial future.

Rhode Island has 29,053 that need flood insurance, yet only 11.6% have the coverage they need.

It is very easy and cost-effective to get flood insurance South Carolina let a flood nerd shop for you.

South Carolina has 196,450 that will flood and 127,900 that are uninsured.

Get flood insurance South Dakota that saves you money and is easy to buy.

South Dakota has 18,781 that need flood coverage, and 84.9% have chosen to forgo coverage.

You can and should save money on Flood Insurance Tennessee.

Tennessee has 92,802 properties that should have flood coverage and 83,631 that do not want it and ignore the risk.

Find great flood insurance Texas and save money.

Texas has 611,937 properties that are in the high-risk category and 482,059 that are not getting flood coverage.

We need to get more properties with flood insurance Utah!

Utah has 11,108 that need flood protection and 10,625 that do not have flood coverage.

Flood insurance in Vermont is really affordable more structures should get coverage.

Vermont has 13,564 properties in high-risk flood zones, and 91.4% choose not to have flood protection.

Flooding events are not rare in WA however flood insurance Washington State is still rather low in cost and uptake.

Washington, you are under half-covered with 29,863 at risk of flooding and 17,124 uninsured.

Many properties should have flood insurance WV that is affordable and flood nerds can help you find it.

West Virginia has 62,339 that need flood insurance and 55,395 that don’t have flood coverage.

Get affordable flood insurance Wisconsin and hire a flood nerd to shop your options.

Wisconsin has 112,100 properties that will flood; sadly, 96.3% have chosen to forgo flood coverage.

Only two thousand and twenty-nine properties have Wyoming flood insurance.

Wyoming has 5,317 that need flood and 4,845 that don’t believe they will ever flood and choose to not purchase the flood coverage.

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