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In 2015, Robert Murphy, inspired to help homeowners and businessowners alike, entered the insurance brokerage market with one goal in mind: To help uncertain homeowners find affordable, high quality flood insurance that doesn’t compromise on coverage.

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Hey there, future flood-proof champion! We see you’re on the hunt for the holy grail of flood insurance: strong coverage at a price that doesn’t make your wallet weep. Well, you’ve navigated to the right shore. Welcome to the ultimate destination for demystifying flood insurance costs with a twist only a Flood Nerd could provide.

Why You’re Here (And Why We’re Glad You Are!)

If you’ve ever found yourself lost in the murky depths of flood insurance options, you’re not alone. The quest for affordable, solid coverage is fraught with confusing terms and hidden reefs. That’s where we, your trusty Flood Nerds, come in. Armed with our flood insurance cost calculator, we’re here to guide you to safe harbors.

The Magic Behind Our Calculators

Our dual-action calculators are like having a Flood Nerd right in your pocket. First up, the NFIP vs. Private Market Calculator slices through the fog, offering clear comparisons that make choosing the right path a breeze. It’s your first step toward not just saving money but ensuring your coverage is as watertight as your home.

But wait—there’s more! Our Cost of Being Uninsured Calculator isn’t just a tool; it’s your wake-up call. By shedding light on the potential cost of flood damage, it’s the nudge many need to take action. Don’t let the next storm reveal the price of being unprepared.

Why Flood Nerds? Because We Get It

Let’s be real: finding a lower quote might seem like a win, but in the flood insurance game, not all policies are created equal. Those bargain-bin rates often skimp on coverage, leaving you exposed when you least expect it. And let’s not even start on the other guys—those who prioritize their bottom line over your well-being.

With Flood Nerds, you’re choosing partners who shop the market for A-rated underwriters only, guaranteeing that you not only get the lowest price but also the coverage you truly need. We’re about making sure that, come flood time, you’re not just a statistic of the ill-prepared.

Don’t Wait for the Floodwaters to Rise

You wouldn’t be here if part of you wasn’t already considering the leap into better flood insurance. Trust that instinct. The difference between regret and relief is often just a few clicks away. Fill out our form today and let us tailor the perfect flood insurance policy for you—one that balances affordability with the robust coverage you deserve.

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It’s not just about selling you a policy; it’s about welcoming you into a community that knows the value of peace of mind. Don’t be one of those who find out their coverage is lacking when it’s too late. With a Flood Nerd by your side, you’re not just insured; you’re prepared, protected, and poised to face whatever the weather throws your way.

Dive into savings. Navigate to security. Calculate your way to confidence. With Flood Nerds, the path to affordable and strong flood insurance is clearer than ever. Don’t let the opportunity to safeguard your financial and emotional investments slip away. Calculate your flood insurance cost today and anchor your peace of mind for tomorrow.

Instead of just talking savings, let's reveal them. Flood Nerd brings you unparalleled savings and exclusive access, revolutionizing how you insure. Ready to unlock extraordinary rates only we can offer?

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What are the restrictions on properties with unrepaired flood damage or other designations from FEMA or local authorities?

Properties that have not been repaired after flood damage, those categorized as Severe Repetitive Loss properties by FEMA, as well as properties marked by state or local authorities for not complying with floodplain management regulations (under Section 1316), are ineligible for coverage.

What actions can policyholders take regarding their existing policies under private options to keep their cost?

Private Markets for Flood Insurance offers several options to manage and stabilize your flood insurance costs. Mostly having a Flood Nerd shopping for you you will get the most affordable price for your property. Other examples with one underwriter policyholders can choose to lock in their premium rate for a period of time: a one-year rate lock option is available which keeps the premium the same for two years, and a two-year rate lock keeps the premium the same for three years. Moreover, policyholders have the option to pre-pay their insurance premiums; paying for two years upfront ensures that the premium will not increase in the second year, and paying for three years upfront secures the rate for the entirety of those three years.

What are the different options available for premium payment?

We offer several payment methods for your convenience:

  • Secure ACH (e-check) transfer: Direct and secure, ideal for quick processing.
  • Credit/Debit card: Please note, a 3% processing fee is added to card payments.
  • Mail-in paper check: Ensure it arrives before your policy begins. Keep in mind that mailed checks are processed as ACH transactions, making e-checks a quicker and safer option.

What are the eligibility criteria for properties seeking coverage under Flood Nerd’s options?

To qualify for flood insurance through Flood Nerds, properties must meet specific criteria:

  • No unrepaired damage: Properties with unresolved flood damage are ineligible.
  • Not classified as Severe Repetitive Loss: Properties designated by FEMA in this category cannot receive coverage.
  • Compliance with floodplain laws: Properties noncompliant with local or state floodplain management regulations, especially under Section 1316, are disqualified.

What is the purpose of the Flood Nerd shopping for your coverage?

Flood Nerds ensure you get reliable and strong flood insurance quickly. We thoroughly vet all policies to only offer options with a solid AM Best rating of A or higher, guaranteeing robust financial backing. Additionally, we have access to exclusive coverage options that many agents are unaware of, allowing us to provide you with the best quotes swiftly.

What is required to obtain coverage with one of the Flood Nerds options?

To secure flood insurance through Flood Nerds, clients must complete a detailed form, which only takes a few minutes. We are committed to working with honest clients who provide accurate information. By taking the time to fill out our form, you can ensure that you receive the most accurate quote, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. Our thorough approach helps us tailor coverage that meets your specific needs, offering peace of mind when it matters most.

Wondering About the Average Cost of Insurance?

As flood experts, everyone asks us “how much should flood insurance cost?”

The Flood Nerds™ at Better Flood think you should pay as little as possible for good coverage.

But calculating the cost of flood insurance isn’t easy. Two identical homes with identical contents can have two different premiums. That’s because flood insurance costs vary depending on the structure’s location. 

It also depends on where you buy your flood insurance. To calculate flood insurance costs you need to understand the flood insurance rate map. Or, you can let a Flood Nerd shop for your flood insurance with our numerous private flood insurers and then compare it to the cost with the NFIP.

FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps Versus Real Risk

The flood insurance rate map was created during the federal government’s 50-year monopoly on the flood insurance market. During that time, Washington was the only source of flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

In true bureaucrat fashion, they divided the US into two categories:  

  • Low to moderate-risk flood zones 

  • High-risk flood zones

Then they took each group and assigned flood zone rate maps. Now here’s where it gets crazy. As every Flood Nerd learns in insurance 101, insurance premiums are supposed to be based on the actual risk. Heck, that’s what insurance is…the transfer of the risk of loss. 

But the government used these maps as gospel and the basis of the premium.  With the NFIP, your flood insurance premium is calculated on your flood zone, rather than the actual risk to your structure. 

Then to make things even more confusing, they heavily subsidized some policies and others they charged skyhigh premiums. Either way, people didn’t pay the right amount.

But the private insurance market doesn’t look at that. They evaluate the real risk and then calculate flood insurance cost. 

How is Flood Insurance Cost Calculated?

In addition to the flood zone map, the amount of coverage purchased ($50,000 – $250,000 for residential or $100,000 – $500,000 for commercial) is a factor.  Limits for RCBAP and condo flood policies are different. Then there is the design of the structure, the age of the structure, and whether it is elevated or if the foundation is subgrade. 

Most of the NFIP policies base their flood insurance cost calculator on the foundation depth in relation to the Base flood elevation. Anything -4 will pay a higher premium. 

The private flood insurance market uses an entirely different flood insurance cost calculator. They combine high tech data analytics with advanced mapping using satellites and aircraft LADAR. The private flood insurers rely on the most accurate digital land surveys available. They also use heavy-hitting risk modeling to calculate every imaginable scenario to gauge the probability of a structure having a flood loss.  Better information means they know the real cost of flood insurance. Most property owners save money with private flood insurance.

Why Is an Elevation Certificate Important to Flood Insurance Cost Calculation?

An Elevation Certificate is only important if you are buying flood insurance through the NFIP. 

The federal government finally saw a flaw in their one size fits all flood insurance calculation. It dawned on them that for some flood zone maps, there were certain details unique to the property that could impact the premiums. 

So, they created the Elevation Certificate!

This is a government form that must be filled out by a surveyor that you pay to come out to the property and measure the elevation. 

Elevation Certificates have just a few problems. 

#1 They are only used by the NFIP.

#2 80% of the time they aren’t filled out correctly (that’s why private insurers ignore them).

#3 They cost homeowners $600+ just to get the form filled out.

If you are buying a house and are required to buy flood insurance, ask the Seller for their Elevation Certificate. If they don’t have one, ask them to either pay for one or credit you for buying one. 

But, if you buy private flood insurance you won’t need an Elevation Certificate. 

It may be the only way to save money with an NFIP policy.

Why Should I Buy Flood Insurance?

If your house has a mortgage backed by the federal government and you are in one of the designated flood insurance zones, you MUST buy flood insurance. The lender gives you no choice.

Just because you are forced into buying flood insurance doesn’t mean you are forced to buy the NFIP policy. There’s a good chance that you save money on the private insurance market. There are over 40 private insurers, including the Lloyds of London syndicate. If it sounds complicated, it is. But the Flood Nerds are flood insurance experts. We know how to get you a great rate and coverage no matter where you live.

But if you don’t have a mortgage or even if you think you have little risk of loss from flooding you should seriously consider buying flood insurance.

Not So Trivial Flood Information

  • Anywhere it rains it can flood. The majority of flooding from recent storms has been in what were considered low-risk flood areas.

  • 90% of properties in Houston flooded by Hurricane Harvey in 2017 were in “low-risk” flood zones.

  • The average damage from one inch of water in your home is $50,000.  

  • The major reason homes are abandoned or foreclosed upon after a flood is lack of flood insurance coverage. 

  • Flooding is the most common and most destructive natural disaster in the United States.

  • Every single state has experienced flooding within the last five years


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