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Flood Nerd Team

Thanks for requesting a quote for flood insurance from a Flood Nerd.

I know it seems like you had to answer a bazillion questions, but the more we know about the property, the better deal we can get for your clients.

If you have further questions please reach out to Susie@betterflood.com or call (303) 421-6956. Note Susie spends a lot of time on the phone so if you get her voice mail please do leave a voice mail also feel free to email.

As an agent filing this out and representing your parent company it is on your to ensure the accuracy of this intake form. The misstatements or omissions of relevant information by the client or you can lead to price variation or even declination or rescission of coverage. Information requested to provide a quote or work on coverage will be shared with carriers and by filling out our online form you are giving us permission to shop your coverage. Requesting coverage does not guarantee coverage can be provided. Coverage can begin only with specific statement by a licensed member of the agency staff. None of the information provided in the website is a guarantee that insurance will be provided or that the agency is obligated to procure insurance for the website visitor.

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