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Become the Ultimate Hero in Your Neighborhood with Our Referral Program!

  1. Score Big Savings: You’ve already saved on your flood insurance. Now, it’s time to help your friends and neighbors save too!

  3. Earn Rewards for Referring: Whether it’s a friend, enemy, neighbor, or family member, refer them to us and earn a cool $15 digital gift card for every qualified referral.

  5. Choose Your Reward: Spend your $15 at various hot brands or save up for a bigger reward – the choice is yours!

  7. Monthly Lucky Draw: Every qualified referral gets your name in our monthly draw. Win and snag a $50 digital gift card.

  9. Be a Neighborhood Star: Not only will you gain fame in your neighborhood, but you’ll also be thanked for helping others save on flood insurance.

  11. Join the Flood Nerds Family: We’re all about fun and savings. So, why wait?

Spread the word and start winning!

What's a Qualified Referral?

  • A person ready to share necessary information for a quote.
  • They should have a current flood insurance policy or need one due to new home purchase or map change.
  • Good news: They don’t need to become our client for you to earn your reward!


Know Your Chances in the Game!

  • Winning the $50 Monthly Prize: It’s all about luck! Your odds depend on how many people join the referral fun. The more, the merrier (and luckier)!

  • Who Can Join?: If you’re 18 or older and have referred at least one eligible buddy, you’re in! Whether you’re a current client or a key influencer, your participation is welcome.

  • No Limits, Just More Chances: Keep those referrals coming! There’s no cap on how many you can make. Each qualified referral means another chance for you in our prize drawings. More referrals? More chances to win!

Remember, the number of chances you create boosts your odds in the drawing, which depends on the total participation during the program period. So, keep spreading the word and increase your chances to win!

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