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In many cases, we save them even more. Get the cheapest flood insurance in Vermont without sacrificing coverage.


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Save Money Now On Your Flood Insurance Vermont

Floods can occur anywhere, at any time. It can be a distressing experience, particularly when contemplating the damage to your home and the ensuing costs of restoring normalcy. With the unpredictability of weather patterns bringing floods to unanticipated locations, it’s crucial to contemplate flood insurance for your home in Vermont. There are varying levels of protection available, contingent on your residence. Understanding the cost of flood insurance in Vermont is integral to safeguarding what is most valuable. 

Our team of Flood Nerds possesses extensive knowledge in discerning all the available options for your property, enabling you to make an informed decision with confidence. A majority of our clients save between $500 – $2,500 on their Vermont flood insurance by opting for one of our numerous private flood insurance alternatives. Certain factors must be taken into account to ascertain the cost of flood insurance in Vermont. 

For a precise estimate, we have devised a quick calculator below. However, for a dependable evaluation, we advocate obtaining a free quote, which only necessitates a few minutes to complete. Most of our clients in Vermont expend between $500 and $1,500 for home flood insurance. Discover the potential cost of flood insurance coverage for your Vermont home with us today.

Finding Cheap Flood Insurance in Vermont, the Flood Nerd™ Way

Securing affordable flood insurance in Vermont can seem overwhelming, but worry not; the flood nerds are at your service! If affordable flood insurance in Vermont is what you seek, then you’ve landed in the right spot. We scout for the most economical flood insurance policies that do not skimp on coverage and have access to several exclusive, affordable flood insurance companies in Vermont. Allow us to guide you through our process.

Step 1: Submit Your Information via Our Online Form Initiate your journey to affordable flood insurance in Vermont by providing your property information to your Flood Nerd through our online form. This enables us to evaluate your property and juxtapose it with the NFIP to guarantee you secure the most cheap flood insurance policy.

Step 2: Explore and Contrast Rates Avoid settling for the initial quote received from your local agent – permit a flood nerd to explore and contrast rates with our pre-approved options to confirm you’ve located a flood insurance company that, with the assistance of your flood nerds, offers a superior deal. The NFIP has monopolized flood insurance for decades, and now it’s the moment to economize in Vermont.

Step 3: Engage with Exclusive Companies As Flood Nerds specialize solely in flood insurance, we proffer more alternatives than most, and we maintain exclusive partnerships with several companies that present low-cost policies unattainable to an agent lacking flood insurance expertise in Vermont. This grants our clients access to additional savings opportunities unattainable elsewhere. By capitalizing on our exclusive partnerships, clients can conserve hundreds on their premiums while maintaining superior coverage and peace of mind, knowing their property is safeguarded against floods.

Obtaining premium flood insurance in Vermont need not be intricate or costly. With Flood Nerds by your side, you can rest assured that you’re acquiring excellent coverage without sacrificing coverage or service quality. We comprehend that every individual’s circumstance is unique, hence we endeavor to offer personalized solutions adapted to each client’s requirements and financial limitations. So, why delay? Reach out to us today, and let us assist you in discovering affordable flood insurance in Vermont!

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Flood Nerds will shop the private flood insurance markets and then compare them to the NFIP, guaranteeing you the better option. We will send you the cheapest flood insurance rates within minutes.

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Paying for low-cost flood insurance is awesome. And letting the Flood Nerds shop your property has other benefits – you can get better coverage while saving money, and you can get it fast.

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Better Flood Insurance is an independent flood insurance broker that shops flood insurance ONLY.  Flood Nerds are Flood insurance experts. We have 5000+ happy clients and 390+ 5-star reviews. 

Vermont Flood Insruance

Does my Vermont homeowner insurance cover flooding?

A typical Vermont homeowners’ policy is written through Farmers, State Farm, Allstate, and Progressive, for instance, excludes flooding as something that will be covered under their homeowner’s policy.


In most cases, the only way to get flood coverage is by purchasing a stand-alone flood insurance policy. However, you should ask your homeowners agent if you can add an endorsement to your homeowner’s policy to cover flooding. Yet, don’t be too surprised if the answer is NO.

Flood mapping

Do I need flood insurance in Vermont?

It is important to have flood insurance coverage in Vermont because our beloved Cowboy State has seen a fair share of flooding, and there is likely more coming.

We believe that most homeowners think about Flood insurance in Vermont at some point, maybe before buying a home, or during the closing process.  However, many of us only think about it when a big storm is looming, or we have heard on the news that there is flooding forecasted or happening currently too close to our home. 

If your home or business is in a flood zone, that is considered low flood-risk area. Sadly, many homeowners decide to forgo purchasing coverage because they believe they are safe from flooding. Some real estate agents and some insurance agents may even say you don’t need it.

I ask you to consider the facts: 20-percent of all flooding events across our nation come in areas that are considered low risk. After our last few major storms (Hurricane Harvey), we saw flooding in these low-risk areas.  In 80 percent of these individuals, they had water in their home or buildings and didn’t have flood insurance coverage.

In Harris County, nearly 135,000 homes were damaged.  Three-fourths of these properties were considered low to moderate risk.


Flooding in Vermont

We hear often that people believe that the government will help, and this is true.  However, there are a few things that must align for you to get government assistance.

1 – The president of the United States must declare the flooding event a state of emergency.  If this doesn’t happen, then there won’t be assistance.

2 – The average amount of assistance that homeowners get after a flood, when they do not have flood coverage, is $5,000.  The average cost of damage to one’s property after a flood is $38,000+.  That $5K you get from the government?  It comes in the form of a loan and you will need to pay it back.  Are you willing to gamble away your financial future by forgoing flood insurance coverage?

One more note on these low-risk flood zone maps. Many of these maps are over 40-years old. If the area has been developed, then there is likely more concrete, creating a barrier for land that previously, might have absorbed the massive downpour.

Vermont Flood Zone Map

Because of all these factors, it is difficult for property owners to know their true risk of flooding. FEMA admits that their flood maps only give an idea for part of the risk. Our recent storms are facts that it can rain anywhere within Vermont, and you should consider getting flood coverage, so you are not uninsured when you need it most.



FEMA flood zone maps often take years to go into effect after the terrain was studied, this gives the impression that the area is “more up to date” then it really is.

The average cost for Vermont flood insurance in these Low-risk areas is $595 per year.

FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and all federally backed lenders rely on these Virginia flood insurance maps to assess risk, set premiums, and determine who is required to purchase flood insurance. Bad information about an area’s flood risk can leave property owners under or uninsured.

How much is flood insurance in Vermont?

Vermont NFIP flood insurance.

There are many options available in Vermont regarding flood insurance, but they basically fall into two main categories. The government option also called the NFIP or FEMA and the private flood insurance market


The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), also known as FEMA, which is the government option for flood insurance.  The NFIP has enjoyed a 50-state monopoly on the flood insurance market.

Not “private flood insurance” but NFIP Resellers

Suppose you have Nationwide Flood Insurance, State Farm Flood Insurance, Progressive Flood Insurance, or any of the logos below. In that case, you are buying the NFIP flood policy that is just being resold through a government program. These companies are private companies, but their flood insurance is not. Here is a list of the 70 companies that resell the NFIP policy.

Not Private flood Insurance

Vermont private flood insurance market

There are alternatives to the NFIP or government insurance.  It is called Private flood insurance, most notably Lloyds of London Flood insurance. However, there are other options available in Virginia. We shop all the options for your property in your region to ensure you are getting the best premium.  If you are ready to have us do the work for you, please click here.

Our shopping does include the NFIP because sometimes we find that with government subsidies, you can get a much better premium.

Virginia flood insurance quote

Lloyds of London Flood Insurance Vermont Market

Vermont is fortunate to have many Lloyds of London flood insurance options. Although many Lloyds flood insurance companies will have you assume that there is only one option, nothing could be further from the truth.


Lloyds of London has a rich history and is attributed to have invented the very first modern insurance model. Unlike most of its competition, Lloyds of London is not really a company but rather a corporate body.  This structure works quite well since it has been around for over 330 years. Lloyds operates under multiple financial backers that all pool their capital to spread the risk.


I have two blog posts that take a deep dive into Lloyds of London and what they mean to Vermont ’s flood insurance market.  If you are interested, the links are below.


Lloyds of London Flood Insurance


FEMA vs Private flood insurance

Lloyds also insures the world for flood insurance, meaning they cover flooding events in India, Australia, and much of Europe.  The “game” of insurance is to spread your risk since Lloyds is worldwide.

Lloyds of London Private Market Flood Insruance

My joke here is that Lloyds is banking on God’s promise that he won’t flood the entire world again, … they won’t have to pay out the whole world’s flood claim.

There are many factors that go into getting the cost of flood insurance for Vermont. If your home is in what is considered low-to-moderate risk, you can get a heavily subsidized policy though the government.

Vermont flood insurance low-to Moderate Risk rate and cost.
This is Flood Zone X, which is not lender required flood zone.


This is usually identified as an X-flood zone.  Then we would suggest the government Preferred Risk Policy (PRP) which is a subsidized policy and has set flood insurance coverage limits (see grid below):

$250K (Residental) /$500K (commercial) Building

Flood insurance rate maps

Here a link if you want to really dig into this one. Be ready for an eye chart because every option is public record and should be standardized accost whoever writes these policies.

The average cost for flood insurance in Vermont with the maximum set limits in these Low-risk flood zone areas is $405 – $700 per year.

If your property is in higher-risk flood zone, it is usually identified with a Flood Zone AE. Your lender will require you to have flood insurance. The cost of flood insurance in Vermont depends on many factors that are unique to the structure. We are going to try to give you an idea for the most common homes we see in Vermont with a basement foundation.

We will look at the Vermont cost of flood insurance for the NFIP maximum of $250,000 for the (building only) with NO CONTENTS and our recommended deductible of $5,000.

We will be rating this example on the NFIP, as well as on a few of our private flood insurance policies, specifically Lloyds flood insurance options in Vermont.

Cost of Flood Insurance in VERMONT in high-risk flood zone AE

Our example is in Montpelier, but the premiums will be the same if in Barre, Waterbury, Bennington, Ludlow, and many other Vermont flood ones.


In our example, the Base Flood Elevation (BFE is 525.8) and is a home that is built before 1973

NFIP option in Vermont Flood Zone AE

NFIP – Coverage of $250,000 building coverage (no Contents coverage) and $5,000 deductible

NFIP Annual premium in High-Risk flood zone is $2,647.00

This option is what we see if the property has had a flood loss before, and either doesn’t have an Elevation Certificate applied or the Elevation certificate showing that the lowest floor is 4 feet under the BFE for the area. You can use 10% of your coverage to cover other structures on your property

Vermont Private flood insurance – Lloyds of London Flood Insurance (option 1)

Coverage of $250,000 building coverage (no Contents coverage) and $5,000 deductible

Lloyds of London (option 1) Annual premium in High-Risk flood zone is $776.00

This option is great, and we are very happy when we can get this option. They can be a bit choosey about what risk they will accept and will not take anything that has had a flood loss. They do offer coverage for basements, about $2,000 for loss of use, $2,000 for other structures, but they can’t increase this coverage. They do not require an Elevation Certificate to rate.

Vermont Private flood insurance – Lloyds of London Flood Insurance (option 2)

Coverage of $250,000 building coverage (no Contents coverage) and $5,000 deductible

Lloyds of London (option 2)  Annual premium in High-Risk flood zone is $635.50

This option is great, and we are very happy when we can get this option for our clients as well. They seem to be writing almost all risks; however, they do not write any property that is in a designated floodway or has the depth of -4 under the BFE.  In our example, with our BFE being 525.8, if the lowest floor is 521, then they will not accept this risk.  They will not take anything that has had a flood loss. They do offer limited coverage for basements and do not require an Elevation Certificate to rate, and as a percentage of coverage for loss of use. If you want coverage for other structures, then that will need to be added.


Private Flood Insurance Virginia (option 3), Not Lloyd’s

Coverage of $250,000 building coverage (no Contents coverage) and $5,000 deductible

The annual premium in a High-Risk flood zone is $2,382.00

This option will take properties that have had one flood loss for more than five years and the payout was under $100,000 on the claim. Their coverage matches the NFIP.  They will write practically all risks, don’t need an elevation certificate to rate, and are a bit lower in premium than the NFIP.

Private Flood Insurance Virginia –  Lloyd’s of London (option 4)

This option must be written on the Replacement Cost Value (RCV) of the building, otherwise there is a co-insurance penalty that kicks in. So, $250,000 might be a bit low in California, but to keep this going, let’s just use that for this option


Coverage of $250,000 (RCV) building coverage, No Contents and $5,000 deductible

The annual premium in a High-Risk flood zone is $963.23 (great price).

This options rating system is all over the board.  Sometimes we get a crazy great price, but other times the premium is way higher than the NFIP will consider taking a property that has had one flood loss before as long as it has been more than ten years and the payout was under $50,000 on the claim. Their preferred coverage is at replacement cost, slightly different from some of our other Lloyd’s flood options.  We usually reserve this one if the property doesn’t fit the above options. We can adjust coverages to control premiums. As mentioned before, these underwriters’ rates are all over the board.  It is worth shopping through to ensure we are getting you the best premium possible. They don’t need an elevation certificate to rate.

There are more options coming online every day, and we are working to be looking into every viable option.

Currently, Vermont has 3,549 NFIP policies in force to date with the total cost of $4,937,502.  That would make the average flood rate for Vermont $1,391. Of course, some will pay more, and some will pay less.


Click here to have us shop and save you money.


Hello, Vermont!  Thanks for visiting our page for all your flood insurance needs.

Let’s start off with a group of areas that include Ferrisburg, Hancock, Middlebury, and Arlington, Vermont where the premiums total $77,555.  The average flood rate for these areas is $776 which includes 100 active flood policies.

Flooding in Bennington VT | Flood insurance in Bennington Vermont

Next up is Bennington, Vermont where the average flood rate rises to $1,092.  In Bennington, there are 158 flood policies active with $172,603 in written premium.

Next up is Dorset, Manchester, and Pownal, Vermont where the flood policies in effect total 82 with $109,004 in flood premiums.  The average flood rate for these areas is $1,329.


Our next group includes Hardwick, Lyndon, and St. Johnsbury, Vermont where the average flood rate rises to $1,421.  The premiums for these areas total $113,707 with 80 active flood policies.


In Burlington, Vermont, there are 43 active flood policies with $33,915 in written premium.  The average flood rate for Burlington is $789.


The average flood rate drops to $540 in Colchester, Vermont.  Colchester has 44 active flood policies with $23,779 in flood premiums.


Let’s look at Huntington and Shelburne, Vermont where the number of active flood policies is 44.  The premiums total $50,747 which allows the average flood rate to be $1,153.


Richmond, Vermont has 65 active flood policies with $74,621 in written premiums.  Richmond’s average flood rate is $1,148.

The premiums in St. Albans and Swanton, Vermont total $56,645 with 73 active flood policies.  The average flood rate for these areas is $776.


$781 is the average flood rate for North Hero, Vermont.  North Hero has 42 flood policies in effect with $32,781 in flood premiums.

Our next group include Stowe, Randolph, and Thetford, Vermont where the average flood rate is $1,433.  The premiums in these areas add up to $114,623 with 80 active flood policies.


Brandon, Castleton, and Poultney, Vermont have a combined total of 54 flood policies active with $62,040 in written premium.  The average flood rate for these areas comes in at $1,149.


Now, looking at Rutland, Vermont, we see the average flood rate rises to $1,492.  The premiums in Rutland total $114,847 with 77 active flood policies.


In Wallingford and Berlin, Vermont, we find 87 flood policies in effect with $165,028 in total premiums.  The average flood rate for these areas is $1,897.

Barre city Vermont flooding | Flood insurance in Barre, VT

151 flood policies are in effect in Barre, Vermont.  The premiums in Barre total $294,532 which allows the average flood rate to be $1,951.  Give us a call Barre!

Montpelier Vermont flood insurance

Waterbury, Vermont has $271,794 in flood premiums with 126 flood policies in effect.  The average flood rate for Waterbury is $2,157.


The average flood rate rises to $2,295 in Brattleboro, Vermont.  Brattleboro has $188,174 in flood premiums with 82 policies in effect.


Let’s look at a group of areas that include Grafton, Jamaica, Newfane, Bridgewater, Cavendish, and Chester, Vermont where the premiums add up to $231,294.  The active flood policies total 184 which allows the average flood rate to be $1,257.


Our next group includes Westminster, Wilmington, Bethel, Hartford, and Norwich, Vermont where the number of flood policies in effect total 156.  The premiums total up to $293,674 while the average flood rate for these areas is $1,883.

Flooding Ludlow VT  |  Flood Insurance in Ludlow, Vermont

The average flood rate drops to $1,261 in Ludlow, Vermont.  Ludlow has 133 active flood policies with $167,711 in flood premiums.


The final group we’ll look at includes Springfield and Woodstock, Vermont where the premiums total $224,580 with 105 active flood policies.  The average flood rate for these areas is $2,139.


Finally, Windsor, Vermont has 61 flood policies in effect with $87,516 in flood premiums.  The average flood rate for Windsor is $1,435.

How to save money on Flood Insurance in Virginia’s VE flood zones

All homes that are ocean-facing are custom-built. With this special consideration, our Lloyd’s of London VE flood zone and other Private Flood Insurance options for oceanfront properties consider this with variable coverage options and significant savings. Below is a case study for a property we were shopping for just last week.

Our example was in a VE flood zone map in the Virginia Beach, VA area.

For the coverage of $250,000 with no contents and a $5,000 deductible, the NFIP annual cost for flood insurance in a VE flood zone is $ 14,001.00. Ouch!

Since we are who we are and experts in Flood Insurance we will look at every property everyway possible to ensure that we are getting the best premium for our clients, and WE often Do (smile wink)

We tried this same property on our Private flood options and were able to get the premium to under $5,150, and we have, in some cases, with similar properties, get the annual premium to $600. This was a feather in our cap and made our clients very happy. Again all properties are unique in these VE flood zones, but if we can find a private flood policy for you, we guarantee it will be better than the NFIP option.

Let us help you save money today.

Vermont Flood Insurance Cost Calculator

For decades, the NFIP has over-charged 50 percent of its policyholders and under-charged the other 50 percent, while it has racked up $42 billion in taxpayer-funded losses, equating to more than half of every claim paid by the NFIP since 1978.

About 30 percent of NFIP claims payments go to the same 3 percent of insured “repetitive loss” structures year after year. When you do the math, this means that the other 97 percent of their flood-exposed constituents could have paid in less and still netted larger claims payouts if they had better access to private flood insurance. In fact, a recent white paper by Milliman found that 90 percent of homes in Sandy-struck New York and New Jersey would see reduced flood insurance rates through private insurers.

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