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Get Commercial Flood Insurance & Save Money Too.

People who own commercial properties save on average $500 to $2,457+ on their annual flood premiums.

In many cases, we save them even more. Get the cheapest flood insurance for commercial buildings without sacrificing coverage.

Commercial flood insurance

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2023 Get a Quote for Commercial Flood Insurance Online


Flood Nerds Make Getting Commercial Flood Insurance Fast and Easy

If your business is in a high-risk area or a special flood hazard area and you have a business loan, the lender will require you to purchase commercial flood insurance.

A Quote for Commercial Flood Insurance Is Just a Click Away

Floodwaters have the power to wash away your business in just moments.

Flood Nerds can get you a commercial flood insurance quote that covers your business and saves you money in about the same amount of time.

We shop the private and government options for commercial flood insurance and compare. You get the coverage that keeps your lender happy and premiums that won’t destroy your bottom line. 

Flooding is the #1 Disaster in the United States

Did you know that 40% of all businesses never reopen after a natural disaster?

And when it comes to flooding, every place it rains is at risk. According to the Federal Emergency Management Administration, 25% of all flood insurance claims are filed in low- to moderate-risk flood zones

You’ve spent your life building your business – why let flooding take it from you?

Lloyds of London Flood Insurance Shopper

You Can’t Afford NOT to Have Commercial Flood Insurance

Flooding damages production machinery, inventory, and materials. Water ruins office furniture, store fixtures, and digital technology. 

Imagine you own a small machine shop with a production-level 3 or 5-axis CNC machine. It can cost from $100K to $500K just to replace your equipment. And that’s not considering the cost of tools, tool holding equipment, and work holding tools.  Then there’s coolant, calipers, and gauges to measure runout. And stock!

How will you reopen if you don’t have commercial flood insurance?

No matter your business or the amount of your business loan, get a Flood Nerd to shop your options. 

Standard Business Owners Insurance Does’t Cover Flooding

You’re smart and you’ve got a Commercial Package Policy or a Business Owner’s Policy.

Your building and contents may be covered for wind, fire, and theft but when it comes to flooding, you’ve left your ass-ets uncovered.

Commercial flood insurance starts to close the gap. You can cover your building and the contents, whether it is inventory, work-in-progress or office equipment.

Flood Nerds can shop business interruption coverage on the private market for you too. That’s coverage that isn’t available through the government insurance program. If your business floods, it may be months before you reopen. Make sure you have the right commercial flood insurance policy to protect your business interests.

How Long Does it Take to Get Commercial Flood Insurance?

Getting a quote for commercial flood insurance just takes a few minutes. Answer a few questions and we’ll dispatch a Flood Nerd to start shopping.

While you wait, rest assured that we understand your lender requirements. We’ll get you the coverage you need and the documents your lender wants in a jiffy. Your closing won’t be held up because of flood insurance.

Some private insurers have a 10 to 15 day waiting period and the NFIP can take up to 30 days for the policy to be in force. Your personal Flood Nerd will work to keep your closing on track. 

Flood Nerds Save a big deal

Is All Commercial Flood Insurance the Same?

Are you kidding?

Flood Nerds love a good joke, but we don’t fool around when it comes to commercial flood insurance. There can be big differences between private commercial flood insurance and FEMA insurance for businesses.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) will only write a policy that covers $500,000 for the building and another $500,000 for the contents. If your commercial loan balance is more than that, you’ll need excess coverage. Lucky for you, that’s not excessively hard for a Flood Nerd to find.

We love the Lloyds of London insurance syndicate when it comes to finding great private flood insurance. We have policies that can go up to $20M or higher.

Flood Nerds do the hard work of shopping and comparing coverage so you can focus on building your business.

Does My Business Really Need Commercial Flood Insurance?

If you are like many businesses across the US, you may be in a high-risk flood zone. These are areas that are more likely to flood.

If you have a business loan or a mortgage on your building, the lender is required by federal law to require you to purchase flood insurance in an amount that will at least cover the balance of your loan.

But often that balance amount doesn’t reflect your real risk. If your loan balance is $450,000 and you are sitting on hundreds of thousands in machinery and equipment, you need more coverage.

Talk to a Flood Nerd about all the options available for commercial flood insurance.

Even if your lender doesn’t require commercial flood insurance, if you have a business in an area where it rains, you need flood insurance. 

Where Can I Find a Commercial Flood Insurance Policy?

Right Here!

Flood Nerds only shop flood insurance. We aren’t your guys for life insurance, auto insurance, or errors and omissions coverage. But we ARE your commercial flood insurance experts

Better Flood Insurance is the home of the Flood Nerds and we live for the incredibly complex world of commercial flood insurance, business flood insurance, Condo master policies and even residential flood insurance.

We’ll show you both the FEMA flood insurance for business and private commercial flood insurance options. 

Stop worrying about getting flood insurance when you unleash a Flood Nerd on your behalf!

Not Private flood Insurance

Can’t I Get Commercial Flood Insurance Through My State Farm or Hartford Insurance Agent?

You can, but you are just buying an NFIP policy with a company logo on it. Psst – that’s not REAL private commercial flood insurance. It’s an imposter.

State Farm, Hartford, and other large insurance companies resell the government policy and slap their logo on it. Most people don’t realize that this isn’t private flood insurance.

Resellers don’t have the full spectrum of options for coverage that Flood Nerds have. Sorry guys!

If you want a great policy and a better price, you’ve got get a Flood Nerd on your side. We are your commercial flood insurance super hero and taming flood coverage is our superpower. private flood policies do recognize the NFIP policy so we can make those effective on your expiration date meaning no lapse of coverage. 

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