Better Flood

Hi Robert what can I do to decrease my flood insurance expense

Hi, April that is a great question,

Typically the private flood market and Lloyds of London flood Insurance is much less than the Federal program the NFIP sometimes 50% less.

However, as you have seen in your state there are few private flood insurance option (Superior Flood being one) but they have pulled out or scaled back.

We have many private flood Insurance options and many Lloyds of London flood Insurance options nationwide and we shop all options for any given property.

Kentucky is a tricky state for private flood insurance and I think that this is because the tax code for KY is not standard with the rest of the country, because of this I haven’t seen many private flood insurance options brave enough to enter KY (YET).

I do expect them to soon.

That being said the only option I am seeing is the NFIP option and that is what is driving the premium for the option we found you.

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