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Instant Flood Insurance Quotes:

Affordable, Fast Coverage!

Discover unbeatable cheap flood insurance quotes with ease and secure your property’s future today.

Our tailored approach ensures fast, affordable coverage, providing peace of mind against unexpected flooding. Don’t wait—get your personalized flood insurance quote now and protect your investment with confidence.


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We Get It,

Buying Cheap Flood Insurance Is Confusing…

You might be asking:

• What coverage do I need?

• How much is flood insurance going to cost me?

• How much can I save?

It’s okay, your search for cost-effective flood insurance that doesn’t compromise on coverage ends here.

Flood nerds Save Your Money

Meet The Flood Nerd™

Your Flood Expert, Friend, and Guardian

In 2015, Robert Murphy, inspired to help homeowners and businessowners alike, entered the insurance brokerage market with one goal in mind: To help uncertain homeowners find affordable, high quality flood insurance that doesn’t compromise on coverage.

Get Cheap Flood Insurance without Compromising Coverage

Flood nerds Save Your Money
Affordable Coverage


"Same Coverage at a Better Rate"

-Mohammed K

Flood Nerds will shop the private flood insurance markets and then compare them to the NFIP, guaranteeing you the better option. We will send you the cheapest flood insurance rates within minutes.

Flood Insurance Affordable and Approved
Quick Quote & Coverage


"Quick Response, Very Knowledgable"

– Robert W

Paying for low-cost flood insurance is awesome. And letting the Flood Nerds shop your property has other benefits – you can get better coverage while saving money, and you can get it fast.

Top Rated Flood Nerds
We Have Satisfied Clients


"Would highly recommend Better Flood for your flood insurance needs."

– Varun K

Better Flood Insurance is an independent flood insurance broker that shops flood insurance ONLY.  Flood Nerds are Flood insurance experts. We have 5000+ happy clients and 390+ 5-star reviews. 

It's High Tide Time You Found Us:

Your Flood Insurance Quote Awaits

Welcome, Future Flood-Proofed Visionary!

You’ve just embarked on the most pivotal journey of your property-owning life. You’re here because you’ve weathered the storm of uncertainty, dodged the downpour of doubt, and are now ready to anchor down with flood insurance that promises more than just coverage—it promises peace of mind.

Why Better Flood Insurance? Because “adequate” isn’t in our vocabulary. We’re the Flood Nerds, and we’re obsessed with flooding your life with savings, security, and, dare we say, a sprinkle of excitement.

The Great Flood Insurance Quest

You’re not here for a lecture on what makes a Flood Nerd. Nope. You’re here because you’re savvy. You’ve sensed the looming clouds of risk over your property and decided that enough is enough. It’s time for coverage that doesn’t just tick boxes but blasts through them with the force of a floodgate.

Our Epic Saga

Since our inception, led by the visionary Robert Murphy, we’ve not just navigated the flood insurance seas—we’ve charted new courses. Here’s what we’ve accomplished:

  • $2.3M+ saved for our clients in annual premiums, and we’re just getting warmed up.
  • Over 40 private insurance titans tamed and compared to bring you nothing but the best.
  • 5,497+ homes and dreams protected, and that’s just the beginning.

Your Needs, Our Commands

Forget what you’ve been told. Flood insurance doesn’t have to be a voyage through a maelstrom of mediocrity. With us, you’re getting:

  • A Tailored Expedition: Your needs are unique, so your flood insurance should be too. We don’t just offer quotes; we offer custom-fit armors against the tides.
  • Swift Sailing: Need flood insurance like yesterday? We’ve got you covered, with quotes faster than lightning and coverage that’s as secure as the ground beneath your feet.
  • Monsoon of Savings: We don’t just save you from floods; we save you money, ensuring your wallet stays as dry as your living room during a deluge.

Wave Goodbye to Your Flood Insurance Fears

Join the ranks of those who’ve chosen to navigate the flood insurance waters with the best in the biz. Your property deserves the shield only the Flood Nerds can provide. Ready to transform your flood insurance from a puddle of doubts to an ocean of confidence?

Dive into the sea of savings and security. Let’s chart this course together, because with Better Flood Insurance, you’re not just insured; you’re inspired.

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The misstatements or omissions of relevant information by the client can lead to price variation or even declination or rescission of coverage. Information requested to provide a quote or work on coverage will be shared with carriers. By filling out our online form, you are allowing us to shop for your coverage and communicate with you from time to time via email or phone. Requesting coverage does not guarantee coverage can be provided. Coverage can begin only with a specific statement by a licensed agency staff member. None of the information in the website guarantees that insurance will be provided or that the agency is obligated to procure insurance for the website visitor.

This and all information on this website is general and not intended for educational or informational purposes. Every claim is different, and some insurance policies can be difficult to interpret.


•In most cases, our quote can go to the final policy without quoted price changes; however, our underwriters can and do change offered prices due to changes in underwriting.

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Why Shop Your Flood Coverage with Us?

  • Expert Guidance: Our Flood Nerds are here to help you find the best coverage at the most affordable rates.
  • Free Services: Take advantage of our complimentary flood zone determination.
  • No Obligation: Getting a quote doesn’t commit you to purchase.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The promotion runs from 7/1/2024 to 7/30/2024.

  • One entry per household.

  • Property must require flood insurance and or you must intend to purchase a policy.

  • The winner will be selected randomly and notified via email.

  • No need to purchase from us to win.